High Definition Timelapse

Time-lapse video for construction sites
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What is a time-lapse?

Timelapse is an accelerated effect created by the fast and continuous picture shooting of a fixed camera. Then, images are stitched in a video format allowing to follow the evolution of a phenomenon, project or any other moving elements. It is a time illusion obtained by the (very) fast scrolling of images.

The result is spectacular. Thanks to time-lapse, it is now possible to observe the evolution of a subject from the capture of thousands of pictures taken during several hours, months or even years and condensed into a few minutes aesthetic video.

The Buildevolution know-how

Buildevolution is specialized in the creation of high quality time-lapse videos, using “grand angle” and accessible 24/7 on our platform. The grand angle time-lapse is realized with professional reflex cameras to ensure you the highest picture quality at all time.

Pictures are taken at regular intervals and then sent directly to our secure 24/7 platform. At the end of the project, we edit the video images in order to give you a time-lapse movie retracing the evolution of your project.

The timelapse offers a real added value because it is an original way to present your project. In meeting with your collaborators? Need to gain visibility? Present your project with our timelapse or share the video to make your project known to the world.

You can combine your timelapse with our drone services and video footage for a bluffing rendering!


The Buildevolution activity focuses on site monitoring from a few days or weeks to several years. Therefore, our fields of expertise are quite broad*:

  • Construction site evolution & follow-up
  • One-day exceptional work activity
  • Events time-lapse for festivals or gallery exhibitions,…
  • Special projects: Archeology, nature or gletscher evolution…

A Buildevolution time-lapse, it is:

  • High resolution videos (minimum 4K).
  • Pictures available 24/7 on our customer platform.
  • Installation on your site with our technicians.
  • A continuous support during the entire development of your project.
  • 100% autonomous and 100% secure.

*This list is not exhaustive, tell us your ideas/projects and we will help you realize them!

Installation of the time-lapse cameras on site

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