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At Buildevolution, we provide our partners the opportunity to grow their time-lapse & video media agency for the construction sector. We make available time-lapse solutions & platform infrastructures we have developed and tested on many construction sites in order to help you focus on attracting new clients and be more on the field.

Grow your sales & media services

Get reliable time-lapse solutions

Use our branding & marketing

Interested in teaming up with Buildevolution? Find the partner program that’s right for you.

1. Turn-key 4K time-lapse solutions

Caméra buildevolution pour suivi et timelapse chantier

2. Platform / video editing services


3. Develop Buildevolution in your country


We send your preconfigured timelapse camera within 48h in all Europe

Minimum 5 projects/year

All Buildevolution services, resources and branding (incl. online marketing) available

  • Select the 4K time-lapse solution you need, either autonomous or powered from the net
  • 4K autonomous time-lapse camera powered with solar panel & battery
  • 4K Time-lapse 230V powered with possibility of live video feed
  • Compatible with most DSLR Reflex cameras (Canon, Panasonic, Nikon)
  • We advise on the right fixing elements to mount the camera(s)
  • Align on project details such that we configure the system for you
  • Connect time-lapse cameras from different brands to uniform the management of the camera
  • Get a partner access to the Buildevolution platform
  • Add all your projects very easily and pair your cameras to the system
  • Easily control your cameras directly from the platform
  • Give access to the project pictures to all your customers
  • Customize the platform to your brand and company name
  • Develop the Buildevolution franchise in your country
  • Receive access to our resources and grow the business
  • Get full autonomy to grow the business in your country/region
  • Get supported by our partner network for projects beyond your reach
  • Access our branding & markting team
  • Benefit from our experience
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