Drone & video footage

Capturing your project with video from all angles
Prise de vue aérienne sur site de construction par drone

Your project from the air

Drone aerial photography is a clear added value to seize your project from all angles. Drones offer a global view of the desired location and make it possible to boost promotional videos in a unique way.

Drone (video)photography allows to obtain all the details of your building site and to have access to breathtaking plans, and to locations just impossible to access from the ground. Thus, thanks to the aerial plans, all angles of your building site is captured. It is also possible to efficiently detect potential construction problems and keep a visual documented overview of the situation.

In addition to the site monitoring function, drone pictures/video add real value to the final promotionnal videos by completing the timelapse sequences. Very fast to set up, the use of drones proves useful in many situations …

Passage drone sur chantier pour vidéo promotionnelle

Skyview of your project

As a complement, Buildevolution offers drone services that you can adapt to your needs. You can either combine aerial shots into a time-lapse video for a stronger marketing impact, or also request only aerial photos/videos of your project.

The drone literally gives wings to your project and your communication: in addition to preventing potential problems and thus save time and money, it will boost your notoriety on your networks and give a “viral” effect to your video on the social media platforms.

Video footage

During your project, and according to your needs, it is possible to add filmed ground footage managed by our professional cameramen. These shots with our SLR cameras are a complement to timelapse footage and aerial shots to add value to your promotional video.

Filming buildings outside or inside, workers or machines in action … Multiple possibilities exist to enhance your timelapse video, let us know what you want!

Here is an example of a video that perfectly combines the timelapse sequences, aerial shots by drone, and ground footage:

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